This is Our Team

The digital world is our world. Stick with us and you won’t get lost.

Otto Sixtus Libal

CEO & Co-founder

Approves the product quality and forces deadlines to make sure your clients are satisfied with our service. Experienced in freelance work, digital agencies and successful in launching a proptech startup. Knowledgeable in how this digital age works and what is necessary to produce a work that fills up to the expectations.

Arnie Neurad

Web Developer

Arnie knows, how a designed website have to behave and perform in real world use and he will push further to make them even better. Thanks to his studies in Denmark an cooperating with the European parliament he can, in digital world, connect the designed esthetics with performance and swiftness.

Alex Studnička

Software Engineer & iOS Developer

San Francisco and iOS, body and soul. Experienced mobile application developer with experiences from startups in Las Vegan and Prague, able to overperform three men team with vigor and code quality.

Jaromír Drkal

Project Manager & Photographer

In his photos or video, Jaromír is able to catch the perfect moments and from every product something extraordinary. He shoots artistic, reports and photos that works well in marketing. He is a part of our creative team and is usually overflowing with ideas.

Hana Kopsová

Marketing Specialist

Hana is a professional for performance online marketing. She will target and set PPC campaigns for social networks or search engines. Hana will gather data, analyse them and will create an output for sociology experts and campaign fine-tuning.

Tereza Dvořáková

Content Specialist

As a content marketing specialist, Tereza is working with well-known czech brands, creating well-though marketing strategy, content for social networks and other channels. Tereza is our go to person for every copywriting task, she can feel the target audience and sell practically everything through thoughtful copywriting.

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